Fast, Fair & Simple Philosophy

Before you started reading this article you probably thought to yourself "Sure- this is just another car dealer gimmick to rip me off!"

With all the untruthful dealerships you may have worked with in the past, we wouldn't blame you! As a customer desperately searching for fair deal in an industry that has traditionally been less than truthful and full of heated negotiations, how can Royal be so different and confident about their low competitive prices that they are not willing to negotiate?

Royal is so confident because we perform extensive research on the competition and price our vehicles accordingly. Royal also sets it self above the competition by providing a Fast, Fair & Simple shopping experience for all customers.

  • The time it took to get to the bottom line!
  • The hassles!
  • The pressure!
  • The inflated prices!

Because customer satisfaction is so important to us, we eliminated all the games that you would typically encounter.

  • NO Wasting Time!
  • NO Hassles Over The Price!
  • NO Pressure!
  • NO Inflated Prices!

Hassle Free Pricing
  • Highly competitive prices are posted for guests & competitors to see 24/7
  • Our hassle free price is NOT a sale or special event, but how we do business
  • We price our cars --NOT our customers

Our price is determined by several factors including daily shopping of our competition to ensure that the customers are getting a low, highly competitive, FAIR price.

Coming right out with the industry "secrets" - let's discuss the facts of the automotive industry:

  1. Vehicle purchases are emotional
  2. Dealers must make money in order to stay in business
  3. Vehicle prices are actually dictated by the market, but most dealerships will play games in order to lead you to believe that they alone have the best prices

Between the above three points it is easy to see that car dealerships has a motive, the means, and the power to get a customer helplessly swept away in a transaction that benefits the dealership more than it does the customer.

72-Hour Buy Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your vehicle, bring it back! *72 hours begins at 11:59pm on date of purchase.

Non-Commission Salary

Our Sales Consultants are not paid on commission but rather on a salary and bonuses based on volume and customer satisfaction. This means our total focus is on our customer's satisfaction and transportation needs.

Value Your Trade-In

At Royal, your Trade-In will never effect your purchase price. Trading in your old vehicle is a breeze and you will never have to worry that we are over-inflating your old vehicle's value (and thus you will never have to worry that you are secretly being charged more for your new vehicle). After an interactive trade appraisal, we research the market to find out what your vehicle is worth. The trade-in value is never an imaginary number that we make up! After sharing our research with you, we will make an Offer To Purchase your trade, even if you don't buy a car from us.

Award Winning Care

Our Best Prices on Products & Services

Certified Limited Warranty

Collision Center - Free Paint Chip Touch Ups

Special Invitation New Owner Clinics - For
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Competitive Tire Prices

Royal Peace-of-Mind

Free Check-Ups in Between Oil Changes
at Select Royal Locations!

As an automotive dealership we still have to make money in order to stay in business. So what actually makes us different is the method at which we make our money...

  1. Repeat business and less advertising cost saves money for us which we then give to the customer
  2. Customers are in control of the transaction at all times
  3. Vehicle prices are determined by the market
  4. Providing easy to understand, customized choices to the customer every step of the way keeps everyone happy

In other words, Royal provides a sustainable, transparent and ethical way for you to purchase your next vehicle.